Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1823 – 1903) (Arts Paintings)

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Summer Flowers.jpg
8.01 MB
It's touch and go, to laugh or no.jpg
2.52 MB
A Greek Girl.jpg
2.32 MB
Rosy morning.jpg
2.24 MB
Shepherd's Pipes, Capri.jpg
2.12 MB
The Brids Nest.jpg
2.04 MB
1.94 MB
Girl with Lilacs, 1865.jpg
1.73 MB
Take the Fair Face of Woman (also known as Fairy Queen), 1880.jpg
1.69 MB
1.64 MB
1.59 MB
Antikiserande kvinna i blomsterlund.jpg
1.57 MB
My Turn To Play Mother.jpg
1.51 MB
An Autumn Princess.jpg
1.21 MB
No Walk Today, unknown.jpg
941.63 KB
Her Favorite Pets, unknown.jpg
938.91 KB
The young flower girl.jpg
935.78 KB
Wild Roses.jpg
806.85 KB
790.37 KB
Elaineor The Lily Maid of Astolat, 1870.jpg
634.08 KB
Far away.jpg
433.6 KB
Portrait of a Young Girl.jpg
432.91 KB
Dreaming Daisy.jpg
432.49 KB
Cherry Ripe.jpg
430.35 KB
Still life of flowers, Capri.jpg
387.58 KB
342.03 KB
Prattling Primrose, 1871.jpg
337.84 KB
The Head of a Nymph.jpg
308.52 KB
The Turtle Dove.jpg
303.73 KB
Reading Time.jpg
280.92 KB
278.14 KB
The initials .jpg
276.67 KB
A New Friend.jpg
274.72 KB
Christmas Time Here Comes the Gobbler....jpg
264.88 KB
253.11 KB
Wait for Me.jpg
251.12 KB
241.26 KB
A Spring Beauty.jpg
238.21 KB
An Autumn Princess. Birdsong. The song, 1851.jpg
224.29 KB
Young Girl Fixing Her Hair.jpg
221.96 KB
Foundling Girls at Prayer in the Chapel.jpg
204.68 KB
The Time of the Lilacs.jpg
202.66 KB
The Studio.jpg
201.52 KB
Gathering Bouquets.jpg
200.82 KB
When The Heart Is Young.jpg
199.28 KB
Hanging the garlands.jpg
185.34 KB
Sing for your Supper.jpg
184.33 KB
Ready For The Ball.jpg
158.92 KB
Pet Canary.jpg
138.32 KB
Les conseils de l'Ange.jpg
135.93 KB
Love In a Mist.jpg
120.98 KB
The Obedience Class.jpg
118.24 KB
The Children's Story Book by Sophie Anderson.jpg
109.48 KB
The Lace Handkerchief.jpg
103.71 KB
Young Girl with a Garland of Marguerites.jpg
101.27 KB
A Girl with a Fan signed.jpg
89.74 KB
Portrait of a girl with a rosehip necklace.jpg
84.01 KB
82.84 KB
Guess Again.jpg
74.76 KB
Portrait of a girl, seated half-length, in a grey dress, playing the piano .jpg
66.94 KB
Spring blossom.jpg
65.92 KB
A Young Girl with a Garland of Flowers in her Hair.jpg
65.05 KB
Portrait of a young girl, halflength in a pink dress and hat.jpg
64.18 KB
56.4 KB
Portrait of a young girl, unknown.jpg
54.01 KB
Girl holding a sprig of violets.jpg
46.32 KB
The Cheat.jpeg
45.51 KB
A Girl Reclining.jpg
44.16 KB

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